Tips for Making Your Home Ready to Sell


Ok…so you are ready to list your house.  You have made that commitment.  But wait, your kitchen still reminds you of the Sievert’s kitchen from Growing Pains.  And your guest bathroom still has your kids’ favorite Nemo wallpaper that you so proudly hung in 2003.  Fixtures are dated, appliances are functioning, but lack appeal, and your counter-tops are stained and chipped.  But, you want to sell your home and get the most for your money.  So, the question remains, do I spend the money for upgrades?  Where should I start?  Should I choose to remodel the kitchen?  The bathroom?  Both?  Or do I simply just throw in the towel and list it “as is.”

First bit of advice, don’t throw in the towel.  Upgrades, can certainly be an initial cost, but the improvements will add substantial value to your home that would be worth it when selling.

Remember that improvements may not just be those improvements that are visual, often improvements such as better insulation or upgrading the HVAC will increase the value of your home and in turn increase your listing price.  However, if you must choose on what to improve, the bathroom and kitchen are the most essential rooms in the house that buyers look for improvements.

It is proven that any time you complete a home improvement project, you are investing in your home and in the long run, earn more money. Buyers are more quickly to purchase a home that is move-in ready.  Sellers will find that it is easier to sell a home where they can offer upgrades as unique selling points.  Buyers are looking for listings where they see comments such as, “newly remodeled kitchen,” “granite countertops,” “updated appliances.”

An updated house, that is priced correctly, not only increases your selling price, but your home will spend less time on the market; exactly what every seller desires.

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About The Author
Amy Worley

Since 1999, Amy and her husband have bought, remodeled, built, designed, sold, rented, “fixed and flipped” and lived in various properties over the last 18 years. While maintaining her teaching career and being a full-time wife and mother-of-three, the passion she has for building, designing, buying and selling homes had just been a hobby; until recently. Since obtaining her real estate license, Amy and her husband have had the opportunity to open their own real estate and property management firm here in San Diego; Bluesage Properties, Inc. As a sales agent for this up and coming brokerage firm, Amy can bring her experience to help find the perfect home for you and your family. Whether it is a small duplex or a 6-bedroom estate, she can help. Her expertise in homes allows her to know what home buyers are looking for and what makes a home sell quickly and at a competitive price. Having managed family properties over the years, Amy is also experienced in property management for your income properties. During Amy’s free time she enjoys water sports, working around her home and most importantly spending time with her family. She is a member of Pacific Southwest Association of Realtors and National Association of Realtors.